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$245 Listing

$245 Listing

  • Fully Syndicated advertising, your ad will reach 95% of potential tenants on the market so you can find the qualified tenant in record time.

  • Your Own Toll-Free Number Extension & Voice Mail so your number is not publicly advertised and you can keep your rental business out of your personal daily life.

  • We set up all open house appointments for you, so you don’t have to spend time calling potential tenants.

  • We take professional listing photos of your property, inside and out.

  • We confirm your open house appointments so you don’t have to show up if no one is coming.

  • We have done over 400,000 tenant screenings and know what to look for in good tenant, and give you a 25% off of the best tenant screening product on the market.




Full Listing

  • We rent your property in 30 days.

  • We take professional listing photos of your property, inside and out.

  • We don’t charge you or any of your tenants an application fee.

  • If the tenant breaks the lease within the fist 6 months, we re-rent the property at no cost to you.

  • If there is an eviction of your the tenant, we pay you $500.

Our Guarantee

  • 50 inbound contacts in a 30 day period. If 50 contacts are not met, then we refund your advertising fee and we continue marketing until your property has been rented.
  • Using our tenant screening service, along with our recommended tenant, and you end up evicting the tenant, we will give you $500.

*Substantial Discount for larger landlords and apartment communities, contracts and monthly renewal fees.

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